Concept Designs From Wayfarer Graphics

The following logos are concept designs we have received from Wayfarer Graphics. Wayfarer Graphics is a company we have been working with for the past few weeks they offer a wide range of services and creating a brand through graphics is their specialty. Whether that is creating a new brand from scratch or creating graphics to blend into an existing brand. Wayfarer Graphics deals with both print design as well as digital and everything in between. Some of their most recent projects have included branding, clothing design, logo design and album artwork.

If you require their services be sure to email them at


Check out for designs from:

Wayfarer Graphics



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Collection of Gangster Movie Still Shots

Who doesn’t enjoy a good gangster movie? As a tribute to some of the classic gangster movies, we have compiled a collection of gangster movie still shots. Check it out below!

Casino Movie Scene


Snatch Movie Scene


Goodfellas Movie Still


Goodfellas Movie Clip


American Gangster Scene


Goodfellas Movie Clips


Godfather Movie Scene


Gangster Movie Scene


Blow Movie Scene


Godfather Movie Stills


American Gangster Stills


Pookie New Jack City


Goodfellas Movie Stills


Scarface Movie Scene


Jackie Brown Movie Scenes


Scarface Movie Stills


Gangster Movie Pics


New Jack City Stills

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Kenny Scharf Paints a Lockheed Jetstar

Kenny Scharf Paints a Lockheed Jetstar for the Arizona Boneyard Project

Pop art legend Kenny Scharf has added his contribution to curator Eric Firestone’s Phoenix, Arizona-based Boneyard Project, in the form of a vintage Lockheed Jetstar covered in his trademark graffiti stylings. Curated by Firestone, along with Carlo McCormick and Medvin Sobio, The Boneyard Project has its home on a vast plot of desert land and is populated by vintage planes, rescued from the salvage yard and turned into works of art. Shepard Fairey, Retna, Faile, and Richard Prince have all contributed in the past. Check out Kenny Scharf’s photographs of his epic work in the gallery above.



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Jolly Roger Gufram Armchair

 Jolly Roger Gufram Armchair


“When people ask me why I wear a skull on my finger, I always answer that it belonged to my grand-father, who was a pirate, and I think I came to believe it myself. Everybody should have at least one pirate grand-father in their family tree: it would represent a strong branch to cling to. Strong enough to harbour people like Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, and all those who live their life the rock-n-roll way, without necessarily having to hold a guitar to express it.” – Jolly Roger

Jolly-Roger-Chair-4Who doesn’t want a pirate chair in their home? If you are one who takes pleasures in the Pirate lifestyle then the Jolly Roger Chair from Fabio Novembre is the perfect addition to your crib! The polyurethane foam throne sports an interior map, ideal for plotting your next gold heist, and a sleek take on the face of a skull on the back. This is the ultimate captains chair!

Cop it now HERE.


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Shwood Eyewear – Stone Collection

Shwood Eyewear, purveyor of unique sunglasses has created quite a buzz in the industry with their all wooden frames. This year they are going even further by releasing a stone collection. In an industry that has sat stale for years, Shwood Eyewear is stepping outside of the box and it seems to be working. Check out this awesome video they recently dropped in aticipation of their Stone Collection release.

Shwood Eyewear

Shop for Shwood Eyewear

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Invader in Paris


It seems French Artist Invader has invaded his native city of Paris to showcase his most recent creation. Invader, best known for his work based around characters from 1978′s video game Space Invaders switched it up for this Paris project. This was spotted on the streets of Paris, recently. This pixelated masterpiece, obviously inspired by the infamous cartoon character The Pink Panther will definitely catch your eye when walking down the street.


Thanks to Arrested Motion for the images.

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